2020 What to expect

by | Feb 10, 2019



We will begin check-in at 8 am Saturday morning. At check-in, you will be asked to provide a phone number where you can be reached throughout the day. You will also be asked to sign an insurance waiver and social media waiver. Once checked-in, you will proceed to the next table where your child(ren) will drop off their coat which will be labeled and put in a secure room. Next they will receive their name tag, group assignment and bag containing their binder. Our volunteers will assist the children with writing their names in the bag and binder. They will then proceed into the cafeteria where they will meet their chaperone for the week and sit with their group. 

Please inform your children how important it is to keep their name tag. Not only will it denote their name, but it will also show what group they are and discreetly signify any allergies.
Once your child is checked in and is with their group, you are free and encouraged to leave them with us. The program will begin promptly at 8:45.

On Saturday, we will distribute the swag at 3:20 in their groups and dismiss at 3:30. We will have an optional mass on Saturday at 3:45 in the chapel at Notre Dame. All are welcome.

On Sunday, registration will once again begin at 8:00 am. We will start an Irish breakfast at 8:30 am (see the food section for more information).  
We will have our closing ceremony at 3:00 and dismiss at 3:30. You are welcome to join us for the closing ceremony.


Your children will be in good hands. We employ a registered nurse for the entirety of the two days. We also have two volunteers who are nurses that will be there the entire time. We employ a professional security guard for your children’s safety. Our check in desk is always manned as well. Your children’s safety and wellbeing are our number one priority.

It is asked that once parents drop off their children, they do not hang out. We appreciate and encourage the social aspect of the Gael Scoil, however all our volunteers are registered and vetted by the committee. Anyone that is not an instructor or volunteer may not be known to us, therefore considered a stranger. All volunteers will be wearing bright green tee shirts with the Gael Scoil logo and Staff on the back. The children will be instructed to not talk to anyone not that is not wearing that shirt. 
Additionally, parents hanging out are generally a distraction to the program as they tend to get loud.


The children will be broken out into smaller groups based on age. The ranges will be as follows:
5 – 6
7 – 8
9 – 11
If you have children that span these groups but would rather them be together, please let us know as soon as possible.


Snacks and drinks will be available at set times both days. We are sensitive to food allergies and will not have any peanut snacks available. There is no need to send food with your child and, in fact we ask that you do no send food. If there is a dietary need to have your child bring food, please let us know in advance.
The Menu will be:

Fruit – Apples and Bananas

Saturday: Chicken Fingers and Pasta catered by Texas Roadhouse in Hamilton
Sunday: Pizza

Breakfast Sunday:
Irish Sausages
Irish Rashers (bacon)
Scrambled Eggs
Buttered Toast
Black and White Pudding



Please have the children dress comfortably in layers and wear sneakers. We will have them moving. The weather will determine where. If the weather is nice, we will have them outside for sports. Sneakers and a sweatshirt are recommended. If the weather is not conducive, sport will be in the schools practice area. This area can be hot. Tee shirts and sneakers are recommended.

Phones, Pictures and Social Media:

We encourage the children to take pictures and post them on Social Media. However we do not want it to be disruptive. We ask that the children are not on their phones at all times.
We encourage you and your children to follow our social media links. We will post through the weekend, including going live here and there (new for 2020). Also, we post throughout the year.
Our social media links:
When posting, please use hashtag:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gaelscoilus/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gael_scoil/

Kahoot: this year we will try using an app called Kahoot. It was recommended by students. If possible, please have your child download this app (only the two older groups). If they do not have a phone, no worries, we will be using this in groups. We will have devices for anyone that does not have the app. They will NOT be required to register or anything like that. This is just a trivia app.