Our goal in creating the Gael Scoil is to offer young people of all faiths and cultures an opportunity to learn about Ireland and its people. We have captured a unique balance of professional teaching talent and a curriculum that offers students a taste of Ireland’s rich history and its wonderful culture in an environment focused on fun.

Most classes are thirty to forty five minutes long with a short break in between. Students are assigned to a group and each group is assigned a chaperone or guide who stays with them throughout the day until they are picked up. Some of the subjects offered are:

Culture – The oral tradition and its contribution to Irish history (including some storytelling by our own seanachie) A look at Irish films dealing with tradition and folklore.

History – Topics include the peoples of pre-historic Ireland and their way of life, through the Celts and the coming of Christianity, the influence of the Vikings and Normans, and more recently the causes and effects of the Great Hunger (1845-50), and more.

Sports – Hands on/and demonstration of Irish Football and Hurling.

 Dance – Irish traditional dance, including Ceili or folk, as well as the better known step-dancing, which has reached new heights through Riverdance and Lord of the Dance, will be demonstrated by young dancers and champion performers and the basic steps are presented.

Music – the bodhran, harp, fiddle, tin whistle and bagpipes. Students not only hear the music, they learn about the instruments and their histories.

Traditional Irish Food – Demonstration and hands on making Irish soda bread. Each student gets a loaf to take home.

Language – Students learn the sounds of the Irish language and some vocabulary from a team of Irish speaking professional teachers.

We have added interesting and fun demonstrations of how wool is spun on an authentic spinning wheel, making St Bridget’s Cross, Celtic knots a real peat fire and more fun and engaging lessons than we can fit here.