Gael Scoil

Teaching Children Irish Heritage

The Gael Scoil is a two day program that teaches children from 6-17 about Ireland. Classes are held on food, history, language, music, dance, sports and much more. Instructors range from range from local volunteers and musicians, to championship dancers, university professors and authors.

It is sponsored by the Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 10 in Mercer County NJ.

Over ten years ago, the Gael Scoil began. Since the beginning, the Gael Scoil has grown and evolved. Each year gaining new and more students. An always changing curriculum teach children Ireland is more than Parades and leprechauns.

In today’s world, children can reach out across the world via social media from the palm of their hand, creating a global melting pot. This is wonderful and exciting, but also poses a challenge. Our children must be taught about Ireland’s history and culture, lest it be forgotten. This is what the Gael Scoil does.


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Your Gael Scoil committee being honored by the Irish Echo. More to come throughout the evening

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The Irish Echo

Extremely exciting news! (Hint, look down about 20 spots)

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Part Deux Saturday March 24th the Gael Scoil will march together in Hamilton St. Patrick’s day parade. We hope that all our students will join..

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day to our Gael Scoil Family! Today is the day your share the knowledge you gained at the Gael Scoil.

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